The Families We Serve


Our Wealth and Purpose approach suits families that are interested in creating a long-term vision and are looking for holistic, independent advice to help them achieve it. As part of that, our best relationships are with clients who want to have more than just an investment advisor or a tax advisor – they want to work with a full team of professionals that understands and focuses on what they are trying to achieve.


We help families that are interested in:

  • Creating a plan to align their substantial wealth with their purpose.
  • Collaborating with their next generations to understand and sustain their family values.
  • Maintaining a long-term relationship to help navigate through their personal and collective journeys.

We help families that are motivated by:

  • Awareness that engaging professionals to help will allow them to spend more of their time in activities they enjoy.
  • Awareness that they may not have the experience to develop and execute a successful plan by themselves.
  • Knowledge that without a good plan the wealth and values they’ve created may vanish over time.