It’s true:
Time passes by in the blink of an eye.


We Love Spending Time With One Another, And It Shows

Great teams consist of people who appreciate and enjoy each other’s company. Like a family, we share in each other’s successes, commiserate with each other when we stumble, and try to have a few laughs along the way.


Our Mission of Helping Families Connect Their Wealth and Purpose Is Stronger Than Ever

Helping families connect their wealth and purpose is why we come to the office every day. Over the past ten years, we’ve seen more and more families embrace our belief that wealth isn’t valuable unless it enables your purpose. While many wealth management firms focus solely on the dollars and cents, we’re convinced that achieving your family’s specific definition of success should be your, and our, ultimate goal.


We Live In a High-Tech World, But Caring Is Personal

Our digitalized world can make it easy to live and work anonymously and impersonally. But our business is about helping families, which requires personal attention and an honest desire to see our client families succeed. While today’s devices and technologies can help us communicate effectively, what gets communicated must come from the heart.


Purpose Drives Action

We’ve seen time and time again that the most effective lens for a family to make wealth-related decisions is the lens of the family’s purpose. Without a focus on one’s purpose, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the claims that media commentators are making, or the opinions of our friends at the club. But not every investor shares the same definition of success, and not all are motivated by the same factors. Your purpose ought to be your driver.


The Days May Be Long, But The Years Are Short!

It’s incredible to think that when we started TFO, the iPad had just been invented, people still rode in taxicabs, owned cameras, downloaded music, and we printed books of paper materials for most of our client meetings! Even more amazing is how young some of our team looked back then! Stay tuned to see how our newer, younger talented team members age over the next decade!


What Separated Us Brought Us Closer Together

No one could have imagined the global pandemic and the social isolation that stemmed from it. But we also couldn’t have imagined that a remote work environment would actually help us connect at a different level with our client families and our colleagues. We saw the interiors of each other’s homes, learned whose dog had the loudest bark (note: not always the biggest!) and whose young children or grandchildren have a future career as actors! Those looks into each other’s lives have deepened our sense of connection; it truly feels like we made some lemonade out of the pandemic’s “lemons.”


The Financial World Keeps Getting More Complex, But The Simple Things Matter Most

The financial world is constantly evolving with new products and strategies created, it seems, every day. But as the sales machines of Wall Street keep trying to convince investors to embrace each iteration of “New, New Thing,” we continue to believe that evergreen concepts such as diversification, paying close attention to fees and taxes, and considering your family's purpose when making investment decisions give investors the best odds of success. Simple isn’t easy, but investing does not have to be complex to be successful.


Helping Does Not Have An Endpoint

We’ve found that the work we do with our clients is tremendously stimulating, in part because our jobs are never “done.” When we help a family create a plan to meet their goals or help a business owner solve a tax challenge, we know that while that work was likely impactful, it is only just the beginning. Plans may become outdated as the family’s goals change, a change in the tax law may offer a new opportunity, and the financial markets will continue to gyrate. We want each of our client families to feel that we are a constant by their side, helping them achieve their definition of success in an ever-changing world.