TFO Phoenix Is Turning 10 Today

The next six weeks will bring a host of celebrations that all of us look forward to. This year’s festivities will be special to us at TFO Phoenix in two ways: First, like the rest of the world, we are overjoyed at the prospect of gathering with our friends and family in person this year, after the “Zoom Holidays” many of us experienced in 2020. I think we will all feel a renewed sense of appreciation for the “simple things” the holidays bring, like sharing a meal or opening gifts with our loved ones.

The second reason this is a special time for us at TFO Phoenix is that today, November 11, marks the 10th anniversary of our firm’s founding.  As with any significant milestone, we can’t help but take a trip down memory lane to appreciate the dramatic changes the world has seen in the past decade. Ten years ago:

  • Consumers were clamoring for the new Apple iPhone 4, the first of its kind with a front-facing camera and Apple’s new FaceTime video chat service.
  • Snapchat was founded and shares of Groupon were sold to the public for the first time, with some believing it would be “the next tech industry giant.”
  • Oprah Winfrey and Regis Philbin broadcast their final TV shows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was the top-grossing movie.
  • The word “blockchain” was first introduced.
  • NASA reassured the public solar flares would not destroy the earth in 2012 as many were fearing.
  • Netflix stock fell more than 76% as investors questioned its decision to transition away from DVD rentals to focus on its unproven video streaming business.


While these events were occurring around the world, we launched TFO Phoenix with the mission of empowering families to connect wealth and purpose. And, like the rest of the world, our firm has also experienced change over the past decade. A few of the ways in which we’ve evolved include:

  • Our team is deeper. We’ve grown to 50 employees as of November 1, 2021, with the expectation that we will add more talented colleagues by year-end.
  • Helping more and more families. We’ve been fortunate to now have over 200 families who allow us to serve as their guide in the ever-changing landscape of wealth and taxes.
  • We expanded our “home.” In 2017, we moved into our new, enhanced office space, and we have recently remodeled an additional floor of our building to continue to give our people a place of work of which they can feel proud.
  • We’ve formalized our process. While we’ve always focused on trying to help our client families achieve their specific goals, our enlightening Path to Purpose process has gone even further in helping families define their own version of “success” and the specific activities that are most likely to lead to it.
  • We’ve embraced technology. Even before the COVID pandemic made digital communication almost mandatory, we had focused significant resources on creating and using technology to improve our client experience. From the early use of tablets in lieu of paper to the types of displays we use in our client meeting rooms, to the adoption of electronic signature tools, we are always trying to make your experience working with us an efficient, effective, and enjoyable one.
  • We’ve broadened how we can help. We’ve strived to find additional ways to solve the challenges our clients face. We’ve launched TFO Life Academy to help families, particularly younger generations, become more knowledgeable and improve their financial decision-making. We’ve created a private trust company, PandoTree Trust Company, to give clients more comfort and clarity about their legacies and we’ve partnered with and provided access to world-class providers in areas outside of finance to help our clients in areas like cybersecurity, health care, and mental health/addiction treatment services.


In celebration of our first 10 years, we’d like to point your attention to a new landing page we’ve built which highlights 10 things we’ve found along the way over the past decade.

Importantly, none of our success of the past decade would be possible without you, our client families. You have entrusted us to help your family with your wealth and its critical connection to your purpose. We feel fortunate to have developed what we hope are meaningful relationships, built around a sense of mutual care, with each of you. You have our continued commitment to not rest on the success of the past but to continually look for new and valuable ways to “do more” for you and your family.