Jennifer Rathburn

Accounting Associate

  • Why did you join TFO Phoenix?

I joined TFO because it encompasses everything I look for in a company: I believe that TFO cares about their clients and their employees.

  • What path led you to wealth management?

After college I was managing a hair salon and day spa, it was there that I taught myself how to use accounting software. I quickly realized doing hair wasn’t a good fit for me and that accounting really interested me. I joined a local CPA firm and then moved to a job at a business management firm. It was there that I realized I wanted to help others manage their finances.

  • What has been your most rewarding career experience?

Working for the hair salon was probably my most rewarding career experience so far. I learned so much and was able to implement structure and organization. It gave me a lot of personal pride to see my ideas come to life and help the company.

  • What most excites you about your work? 

I’m excited to be doing the work that I love. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from helping people.

  • What do you enjoy most about your role at TFO Phoenix? 

I enjoy the diversity of our clients and their interests. Working with clients to help accomplish the things they are passionate about is exciting and keeps things interesting to me.

  • What are some of your biggest influences?

As it relates to my career, my dad has by far been the most influential person. He is the smartest and hardest-working man I know. He showed me the importance of a good work ethic and a positive attitude, and that it’s important to like what you do.

  • What do you like to do outside of work? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend? 

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend? I love to be outside; camping, hiking, swimming, you name it. I enjoy going to comedy shows, trying new restaurants and spending time with my family, especially my two nieces.

  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? 

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish. I’ve learned that to be the best version of myself to do my best work, and to best help others, I need to prioritize my own well-being. You can’t fill from an empty cup.