Cyrus Baravati, CFP®, CWS®

Family Wealth Strategist

  • What path led you to wealth management?

My parents worked extremely hard, coming here from another country, starting their own business, and providing a great life for me and my brother. Watching them foreclose on their home in Orange County and lose most of their wealth on poor investments made me want to do more to help. Being there for my mom to help her deal with the emotional and financial difficulties of losing my dad with no planning done pushed me even further into the industry. My dad taught me that success comes with hard work. Even though he didn’t achieve all of his goals and dreams, he was always happy knowing he tried his hardest. What I also learned from my dad is that it doesn’t just take hard work, but proper planning. I do what I do to help my clients have a plan, so that their hard work may be rewarded and preserved for them and their families to enjoy.

  • What do you enjoy most about your role at TFO Phoenix?

What I enjoy most about my role as a Family Wealth Strategist at TFO Phoenix is working towards building deep, lasting relationships with my colleagues and clients. Having more time to dedicate to each client and their families gives me a better chance to learn about what is truly important to them. Understanding what their money is for will help build a better plan, have a deeper relationship, and help every family as fully as possible.

  • What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

While it may not be considered an accomplishment, I am very proud and thankful for the close relationship I have with my family. It is during times of adversity, not prosperity, that our character is tested. Whether it was having my parents move into my first home after the 2008 financial crisis, helping my mom cope with the loss of my dad, or the fact I still get the chance to see my mom every week, I am extremely proud and lucky to have the relationship and bond I’ve had with my family throughout my life.

  • Education and accreditations

B.A. – Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Certified Wealth Strategist®
Series 65 license

  • What do you like to do outside of work? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Outside of work, I am either hiking, golfing, traveling, or just out with friends, family, and my dog. Weekend trips to Northern Arizona are more common in the summer, otherwise I can usually be found outside enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery we have to offer here in Phoenix.

  • What are some of your biggest influences?

My dad has been the biggest influence in my life. He believed that as long as you try as hard as you can, you can’t ever regret the outcome. As long as you try to do what is right, make the most out of what you have, and be happy with the hand that you’re dealt, be proud of who you are. My dad taught me so much, but most importantly he taught me how to be a good person and how to be happy.