Brian Poe, CFP®, CAP®, AEP®, ChFC®

Family Wealth Strategist

Brian Poe Photo

  • Why did you join TFO Phoenix?

The caliber of the people and the shared focus on helping others was very appealing to me. Being surrounded by talented and experienced professionals that are also kind and hard-working people pushes me to be a better person. Additionally, the range of services we can help families with extends well beyond investments providing added simplification and coordination for the families we serve.

  • What path led you to wealth management?

I was first introduced to the wealth management industry as an intern in college. I have worked my entire career in wealth management at firms of various size and structure from the traditional brokerage house, private bank and now the registered investment advisor space. Initially, I was very interested in investments, but the longer I work in wealth management the more I am reminded the real value is often added outside the portfolio and does not necessarily show up on a monthly statement.

  • What most excites you about your work? 

No two days are the same. While we can plan and prepare, life often does not unfold exactly as envisioned. We develop deep relationships over time and get to work closely with families to navigate this journey and help them along the way.

  • What has been your most rewarding career experience?

Seeing the relief or joy that comes from working through a challenge, planned or unplanned, is always rewarding.

  • Education and accreditations

Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®
Accredited Estate Planner®
Chartered Financial Consultant®
University of Washington, Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and management

  • What do you enjoy most about your role at TFO Phoenix? 

I get to play a small part on a larger team that works together for a common goal. Whether I am working on something individually or helping with just a small part of a larger project it is rewarding to know we are all focused on the same mission. When a family works with TFO they truly have the entire firm working on their behalf.

  • What personal accomplishments are you most proud of? 

I am a first-generation college graduate so completing my undergraduate degree was a significant milestone for me.

  •  Why should families connect wealth and purpose? 

Wealth in isolation is not as impactful as wealth with purpose. Each individual or family could have a different purpose that is likely tied to their passions. By uncovering one’s passions and purpose the impact of wealth can be approached more intentionally and lead to a more rewarding outcome for everyone involved.

  • What do you like to do outside of work? What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend? 

Outside of the office, I enjoy working on my golf game. It is a work in progress and a terrific way to get out and connect with people.

  • What are some of your biggest influences? 

My Dad undoubtedly had a significant impact on my life. Despite humble beginnings, he found his passion and achieved personal and professional success. This was done through hard work, being humble, kind, and consistent with every person he encountered. Over time his discipline was rewarded. I was fortunate to witness this during his lifetime and it has shaped who I am today.

  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? 

Be kind and don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control. Being kind is important as you never know what others are going through. A simple gesture that costs nothing could make a positive impact in someone’s day. I used to worry about most things but in time have realized the things that are worth worrying about we often have little to no control over and the things we can control are often not worth worrying about.