Our Process


We ask the right questions, such as “What is your wealth for?”, so we get to the answers that matter – what’s important to you. We’ll listen and understand how you see your wealth contributing to your happiness.


To help create an effective plan for you family, it’s important to know where you are financially, how you got here and where you plan on going. We’ll talk through your details to develop a deep understanding of your family’s finances.


Few families have experienced true wealth collaboration. Our diversely talented and experienced team meets regularly to assess, strategize and review every client’s wealth plan and action steps. It’s the core of our team culture, to help each and every client pursue their best potential outcomes.


Once we fully understand your family’s past, present and future, we make recommendations of specific strategies and solutions to help you and your family align your wealth with your purpose.


Families evolve over time. So too will your wealth, and perhaps even your values. We communicate regularly with you to assess how changes in your family, your wealth and the world around us might impact your plan. We look for opportunities to be proactive and adaptive.

Colleague work-from-home policy

03/16/2020 - Two of our core values at TFO Phoenix are "Care" and "Do The Right Thing". One of the best ways we can live those values today is to keep our team safe and healthy so we can continue to help clients through these unusual times. To that end, TFO Phoenix will be implementing a work-from-home policy until at least April 10th. Over the past several years TFO Phoenix has invested heavily in technology and processes designed to allow our people to serve clients effectively no matter where we are located. This will continue to provide our people with full access to all of our firm's human and technological resources while they are working from home. As a result, we fully expect to serve our clients seamlessly during this period. If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to call or email your TFO team directly.