The Power of What We Know

27th March / 2020
The Power of What We Know

Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have.

– William Arthur Ward

The past few weeks have been filled with unusual days. In the short term, our world has changed and our days, our social interactions, our concerns all look much different than just a few weeks ago.

As we sit here today, like every day in the past and every day in the future, there is so much that is unknown. Life is always full of uncertainty, that’s often what makes it wonderful and exciting, but today’s unknowns seem more complicated, and certainly more stressful, than we’re accustomed to. Will our friends and family get sick? When will we be able to leave the house? How many jobs will be lost? What will happen to the economy and the stock market?

I’d love to tell you that anyone on Earth has the answers to these questions, but no one does. However, the more I try and wrap my mind around these unknowns, I find relief and confidence in what we do know, those things that can help us plan, adapt, and succeed during these times.

I know humankind has faced significant challenges in the past and has survived and become stronger in the process. Today’s situation is new, and the impact it’s having on countless families is sad and real. But like past challenges we will adapt, succeed, and become stronger for the future as a result.

I know that although no one can predict what the stock market will do tomorrow, next week or next month that the global stock market has recovered from every past downturn. Those who remain invested with discipline, courage, and conviction will likely benefit from their patience and belief in their long-term plan.

I know that we focus on understanding our clients’ lives in great detail when we develop their financial plans to achieve their unique objectives. Those plans include scenarios similar to what we are currently experiencing. Our clients have a plan, it’s being tested, and the plan only works if we work the plan together.

I know we genuinely care for our family, our friends, and our community. This sense of caring will serve as a powerful tool to help us overcome today’s challenges.

I know our firm shares a never-ending commitment to helping families – those of our clients and our colleagues. We have a special and talented team who share a single purpose to do more and be more for our clients and it’s this purpose that will help us succeed together.

I doubt this list is as helpful to you as it is to me, but I think it’s worth the time to stop, take a deep breath, and evaluate your own unique “knowns”. Think about the things that help provide perspective and peace of mind to you during these challenging times. If you do so, I think you’ll ultimately arrive at the same conclusion I did: We are not alone, we will get through this together, and in the end we’ll be better for it as a human race. Hopefully, that knowledge will help you live these most unusual days to their fullest.

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