Muscles and Money—Your Recipe For Success Is The Same

At first blush, the topics of fitness and wealth management couldn't seem further apart. When we think of fitness, the stereotypical "musclehead" often appears in our brain, complete with over-tanned body, perspiration and...

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Three Words You Want To Hear From Your Financial Advisor

From early childhood, we are conditioned to believe that the faster and more emphatically someone responds to a question, the more intelligent they are. In grade school, we quickly learn...

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2014 3rd Quarter Client Letter

Dear Friends, Fall is upon us, and of course that means that the National Football League (NFL) has captivated the attentions of many Americans, turning otherwise docile individuals into fanatical defenders of their chosen team. While I am a very...

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2014 2nd Quarter Client Letter

Dear Friends Like much of the world, I have recently been captivated by two events:  World Cup soccer and the continued rise of the U.S. stock market.  As most know, the World Cup is a truly global spectacle, held once...

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TFO Phoenix Named An Industry Leader Of Arizona By Arizona Business Magazine

Industry Leaders of Arizona by Arizona Business Magazine named TFO Phoenix an Industry Leader for our leadership and innovation in the Financial Service sector, as well as our commitment to helping families Connect Wealth and Purpose....

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