This Christmas brought with it a new bike for my eight-year-old son. He was a bit of a late bloomer to two-wheeled bike riding, only learning how to ride about a year ago. He now seems to...

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10 Healthy Financial Habits

To help young adults build a solid foundation of financial knowledge, TFO Phoenix is conducting a series of Financial Wellness Boot Camps relevant to their stage in life. We kicked off our first workshop in August, with...

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Midterm Elections—What Do They Mean for Markets?

Dear Friends, With the results of the midterm elections now known, financial news outlets are likely to publish a bevy of forecasts about the perceived impact the political landscape will have on the financial markets. Unfortunately for those...

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Connecting Quarterly: 3rd Quarter 2018

With only four months left in 2018, this year has the possibility of being a historic one for the U.S. stock market. Clearly, I’m risking being labeled a “jinx”, but if the positive return achieved by the S&P...

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The Top 5 Easiest Ways to Protect Your Data, Your Money, and Your Family

Dear Friends, At TFO Phoenix, we take your security very seriously and are continuously committed to helping you fight the ever-growing problem of cyber fraud and other dangers. Here are five simple ways you can protect your data, your...

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Family Meeting Matters

When our children take up an instrument, we take them to their lessons and ensure that they practice. When we want our children to get good grades, we ensure that they study. If they take up...

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Colleague work-from-home policy

03/16/2020 - Two of our core values at TFO Phoenix are "Care" and "Do The Right Thing". One of the best ways we can live those values today is to keep our team safe and healthy so we can continue to help clients through these unusual times. To that end, TFO Phoenix will be implementing a work-from-home policy until at least April 10th. Over the past several years TFO Phoenix has invested heavily in technology and processes designed to allow our people to serve clients effectively no matter where we are located. This will continue to provide our people with full access to all of our firm's human and technological resources while they are working from home. As a result, we fully expect to serve our clients seamlessly during this period. If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to call or email your TFO team directly.