Family Is What We Do

We are a family wealth office. We help affluent families like yours connect wealth with purpose so your family’s wealth will endure life’s inevitable transitions.

When you work with us, we believe issues can feel less complex – less of a burden. If families gain peace of mind by working with us and are able to live with purpose, that will be our greatest accomplishment.

Helping families be families, it’s what we do.

Families We Serve

Our wealth and purpose approach suits families that have a long-term vision and are looking for holistic, independent advice to help them create a path to use their wealth in a way that is meaningful to them.

Families interested in:

  • Creating a plan that aligns their substantial wealth with their intended purpose.
  • Collaborating to understand and sustain their values.
  • Maintaining a long-term relationship intended to help them navigate through their journey.

Families who understand that:

  • Engaging professionals to assist them can create time for the activities they most enjoy.
  • Their skills may not include those needed to develop and execute a successful plan by themselves.
  • The wealth they have created and values they uphold may not be sustainable without a thoughtful, disciplined approach.


This series was originally conceived by Independence Advisors LLC of Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA.

How to Build and Execute an Effective Wealth Plan


Asking the “tough” right questions


Developing a detailed understanding


Working with a
diverse and
experienced team


Building the right
plan for your
family’s specific goals


Providing a proactive
and adaptive
approach as wealth
and values evolve